Product Details
PUR Hot Melt

PUR Hot Melt for WR Fabric 3 Grade

Item no.: RPU-26-16B

  • Key features:
    - 100% solid content
    - Good chemical resistance
    - Good hydrolysis resistance
    - Yellowing resistance
    - High bonding performance
    - Solvent-free Eco-friendly
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Product Introduction

This PUR hot melt can be used for fabric/fabric, fabric /TPU film lamination.
Technical Product Data
Appearance Light-yellow transparent solid
Viscosity 3750±250 cps (105℃, Brookfield DV-II +,Sp.27, 50RPM)
Solid content 100%
Component Polyurethane pre-polymer
Moisture curing PU    Moisture curing PU
* These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specification.
Benefits of PUR adhesive
1. Good solvent resistance:
MEK v  
DMF   v
Perchloroethylene v  
Toluene v
* P.S.: After curing 24hrs then put it into the can which is filled with of solvent at room temp about 2 weeks; the lamination product doesn’t peel off.
2. Good chemical resistance
3. Good hydrolysis resistance
4. Low operation temperature (90-105℃)
5. Good yellowing resistance
6. Good bonding strength
7. This PUR adhesive is suitable to be used on the water-repellent treatment fabric 3 grade.
Operation process
  1. Melt PUR adhesive RPU-26-16B by hot-plate with 90-120℃, then pump the glue on the roller to coat the glue on the textile for the fabric/fabric lamination.
  2. After lamination, it must be stayed 2-3 days for fully curing.
Notice of PUR adhesive
  1. RPU-26-16B must be stored in the iron can, and should be close tightly to avoid moisture.
  2. RPU-26-16B should be stored at room temperature (about 25℃~40℃) and ventilating place.
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