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Mold Making Material

2:1 ratio Mold Making Material

  • Key features:
    - Hardness: 55A, 35A
    - Mixing ratio: 2:1
    - Room temperature curing
    - Long pot life
    - Stable size
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Product Introduction

1. Architectural reproduction & restoration
2. Concrete casting, sculpture & foundry
3. Millwork & ornamentation, candle making
4. Plaster millwork & ornamentation, and more
5. Industrial applications, crafts & hobby applications
Material information
Item no. CPU-49-PU20B CPU-49-PU60DL
Viscosity of Part A (CPS) 40000 - 90000 15000 - 40000
Viscosity of Part B (CPS) 5000 - 9000 8000 - 14000
Color of Part A Brown or Green Gray
Color of Part B Colorless Transparent clear
Mixing ratio (by weight) 2 : 1 2 : 1
Hardness (Shore A) 50 - 60 30 - 40
Pot life (min) 30 - 60 20 - 30
Demold time (hr) 24 > 12
*These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specification.
** We can supply RTV silicone mold rubber.
Part A: 20kg/drum
Part B: 10kg/drum
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