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Water Based PU Synthetic Leather

Water Based PU Synthetic Leather

  • Key features:
    - Low VOC
    - No use DMF
    - Cold resistance
    - Abrasion resistance
    -Flexural resistance
    -Hydrolysis resistance
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Product Introduction

Water Based PU synthetic leather can use for shoes, bags, lining, balls (soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, football…etc.), headphone cover, garment, accessories, gloves, sport equipments, furniture, belts and so on.
  1. Low VOC
  2. No use DMF
  3. Cold resistance
  4. Abrasion resistance (depending on the product design)
  5. Flexural resistance (depending on the product design)
  6. Hydrolysis resistance (depending on the product design, about 3-5 years)
Water based PU
DMF is not used.
Consume less energy, such as water.
Emits less CO2.
Soft feeling
Breathable and vapor-permeable
Heavy metal free
Excellent hydrolysis resistance
High heat tolerance
Nearly no solvent residue
Ref NO: Pattern Color Thickness Backing Application
P704U118-1 U02 Black 0.6mmX54’ Tricot Furniture, shoe material (i.e. edge, collar, tongue, lining), sport brace, edging usage
T403U935-1 RY5 Black 0.5mmX54’ Tricot Anti-slip leather, slipproof mat, glove (ski glove, women glove)
T405U947-1 #261
Black 1.0mmX54’ Tricot fluff Women bag
T703U928-3 R75 Brown 1.2mmX54’ Tricot fluff Furniture, bag
T705U950-1 RS6 Pearlized gold 0.8mmX54’ TC Furniture, bag, shoe material
T606U953-1 - White 0.8mmX54’ Knitted brushed Imitation fiber for shoe decoration, shoe vamp, lining. Can absorb water.
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.

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