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PU Hardener

PU Hardener (Similar to RN)

Item no.: APU-70-25I

  • Key features:
    - Similar to RN
    - NCO: 5 - 6%
    - Non-yellowing
    - Enhance the bonding strength of adhesive
    - Increase the heat resistance of adhesive
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Product Introduction

APU-70-25I is a non-yellowing type of Polyisocyanate and similar to Bayer Desmodur RN. It shows excellent bonding properties on PU adhesives. APU-70-25I has widely used as a crosslinker when high temperature stability is required. The crosslinker is added just before application of the adhesive and stirred completely about minimum 2-3 minutes.
The pot life of the formulation should be used within 2-4 hours
1. Great hydrolysis resistance.
2. Excellent yellowing resistance.
3. Great heat resistance.
4. Strong crystallization tendency.
Typical Properties
Appearance Colorless or slightly yellowish clear liquid
Viscosity Below 100 cps/25℃
Solid Content 30 ± 1 %
Solvent Ethyl acetate
NCO Content 5 - 6 %
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.
APU-70-25I is sensitive to moisture and should be stored in its sealed original containers tightly. This product should be prevented from direct sunlight. Keep away from ignition and heat sources.
APU-70-25I should be stored in a cool (5-40℃) well ventilated and dry place, for periods that should not exceed 6 months.
1kg/Aluminum can (15 cans in a carton).
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