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Hardener for Footwear Adhesive

Hardener for Footwear Adhesive (Similar to RE)

Item no.: TPUA-RE10B

  • Key features:
    - Similar to RE
    - NCO: 9.3 ± 0.2% by weight
    - Yellow-green or brownish to purplish black liquid
    - Enhance the bonding strength of adhesive
    - Increase the heat resistance of adhesive
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Product Introduction

After the addition of TPUA-RE10B, the ready-to- use component adhesive should be applied within a period (pot life) which is determined not only its content of rubber, but also by the other ingredients of the formulation (e.g. resins, antioxidants, solvents, etc.) If the adhesive is not used within this period, it may become increasingly difficult to apply and its viscosity increases rapidly until irreversible gelling ultimately occurs.
Hardener for Footwear Adhesive TPUA-RE10B (similar to Bayer Desmodur RE) is a curing agent usually for adhesive based on polyurethane, natural and synthetic rubber.
Typical Properties
Chemical composition Contains 27 % triphenylmethane-4,4',4"- triisocyanate and 73% ethyl acetate
Appearance Yellow-green or brownish to purplish black liquid
(The color does not affect the bonding strength) This product sometime might have flaky precipitate
NCO content, % by weight 9.3 ± 0.2
Suggested Additions
For curing adhesive of 100 parts by weight (p.b.w) based on:
Graft - Choloroprene rubber (Rubber content approx. 20%): 4-7 p.b.w. TPUA-RE10B
Polyurethane (PU content approx. 20%): 4-7 p.b.w. TPUA-RE10B
Stored in original sealed container within 23℃ can maintain the quality 6 months. The item is very sensitive to moisture. It will produce carbon dioxide and insoluble urea while reacting with water. Thus, the container should keep sealed. The item is prohibited from contacting with any types of water (wet container, moist air, anhydrous solvents etc…) since the carbon dioxide reacted by TPUA-RE10B with water will increase the pressure in the container.
Each 0.75kg in an aluminum can
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.
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