Product Details
Polyurea Coating System

85-90A Polyurea Coating System

Item no.: CPU-49-A100A

  • Key features:
    - Hardness: 85 - 90 Shore A
    - Mixing ratio: 1:1 by volume
    - 100% solid content
    - Fast curing & easy to use
    - No VOCs
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Product Introduction

  1. Application of office, classroom, hospital, equipment room, sanatorium floors, etc.
  2. Application of factories, food production, pharmaceutical production floors, Electronics manufacturer, etc.
  3. Application of supermarkets floors, department stores.
  4. Indoor or outdoor floors, waterproof parking lots.
  5. Indoor or outdoor aisles, square, stadiums waterproof floors, etc.
  6. Other indoor metal pipeline protective coatings.
Polyurea coating system CPU-49-A100A-A/B is a fast-curing, polyurethane (polyurea series) MDI modified abrasion resistance flooring material; it begins by reacting an amine polyol with polyurea. It cures to form a elastic, flexible, abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength and dust resistance properties. It is waterproofing spray flooring coating which is suitable for most indoor floor, and can also be used as protective coatings.
  1. Abrasion resistance, durability and outstanding waterproofing properties.
  2. Seamless surface, decorative finish.
  3. No building restriction, easy application.
  4. Fast curing in 20 seconds; The surface can be walked, and will demonstrate the load-bearing property after 20 minutes of application.
Physical Property
Item No. CPU-49-A100A-A/B
Hardness (Shore A) 85 - 90
Mixing ratio by volume 1:1
Reaction time 10 - 15 seconds
Tack free time (25℃) 30 seconds
Loading time (25℃) 20 minutes
Recoat time (25℃) < 24 hours
Elongation (%) 400
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 15
Tear Strength (N/mm) 8
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.
Storage & Shelf life
Please store in a dry and cool place. Prevent exposure to sunlight. Shelf life is 12 months.
CPU-49-A100A-A: 220 kg/drum.
CPU-49-A100A-B: 200 kg/drum.
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