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  • Key features:
    - Appearance: light yellow pellet
    - Stable physical property
    - High purity
    - Easily melt
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Product Introduction

PU coatings, architectural coatings, sports materials, epoxy insulation material, waterproof wall and waterproof roofing materials. Printing rollers, rollers, trolley wheels and molds of PU elastomers.
MOCA is used as PU (Polyurethane Resin) curing agent. The chlorine atoms on benzene ring can slow down the activity of "NH2" group, so as to extend the pot life while casting.
Structural Formula
Physical Properties of MOCA Curative
Molecular Weight 267.16
Equivalent Weight g/ml 133.575
Appearance light yellow granule (100% through 1/2 mesh serene)
Odor Slight
Amine 7.4-7.6(mmol/g)
Specific gravity (24℃) 1.44
Specific gravity (107℃) 1.26
Melting point range 110-120℃
Storage stability Slightly hygroscopic
Solubility Soluble in MEK, DNF, Toluene Acetone, Ethanol, Insoluble in water
Usage curing agent for polyurethane and epoxy
Package 25kg or 50kg per fiber drum
Toxicity The oral LD90 is 5,000 mg/kg
1. What is the Urethane Elastomer?
    (1) Definition :
     Polyurethane elastomer is flexible, and posse's elasticity nature likes rubber. The following is molecular structure.
    (2) Polyurethane characteristics :
     It is good for :
     1. Abrasion resistance   
     2. Elasticity no matter with high or low hardness
     3. Tensile strength, tear strength, compression strength
     4. Chemical, oil ozone and cold resistance
     5. Impact resistance
     6. Absorption of vibration
     7. Workability and so on
     This is Cross linking and good curing agent for PU elasticity. The finished products as following:
     1. Caster: PU Caster and Wheels
     2. Seals: PU Hydraulic Seals and Packages
     3. Spring: PU Rod , Sheet , Bar and Film
     4. Blade: PU Drum Blade for Copier and Laser Printer
     5. Roller: All Kinds of PU Rollers
     6. Parts: PU Flexible Coupling and Parts

    Also we can recommend and introduce the supply of prepolymer and finished products for your asking only.

2.Manufacturing Process for Molding Compounds
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.
Taiwan PU Corporation is a professional MOCA manufacturer, MOCA producer. We supply high quality MOCA products, have an experienced technical team and offer the best price to MOCA.

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