Product Details
Casting Polyurethane

53-63A Casting Polyurethane

Item no.: CPU-69-A/B

  • Key features:
    - Hardness: 53-63A
    - Pot life: 120-360 sec
    - Room temperature curing
    - High elasticity
    - Easy operation
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Product Introduction

Bonding, coating, modules, casting industrial machinery and electronics industries parts and so on.
Casting polyurethane CPU-69A/B is a tough, durable, polyurethane elastomer, used for mould making or prototype parts requiring high tear strength and excellent abrasion resistance.
Material specification
CPU-69A: Polyether polyol and other additives.
CPU-69B: MDI prepolymer.
Material Properties
Properties/product name CPU-69-A CPU-69-B
Color Clear, Yellowish Clear, Yellowish
Viscosity (cps/25℃) 650 ± 100 650 ± 100
Specific gravity 1.05 ± 0.05 1.2 ± 0.05
NCO Content (%)   22.4 - 23.4
Molding condition
Properties/product name CPU-69-A CPU-69-B
Material Temperature (℃) 30-50 30-50
Vacuuming time 30 60
Mixing ratio (Weight) 100 32
Potlife (sec) 120-360 120-360
Rebound (%) 30-40 30-40
Product properties
Properties/Item name CPU-69-A/CPU-69-B
Hardness(Shore A) 58±5
Color Yellowish
Tensile strength (kg/cm2) 250-350
Elongation (%) 40-120
Tear strength (kg/cm) 20-30
Material must be kept under cool and dry condition without direct sunlight.
If opened, care must be taken and the lid of the container must be closed tightly for the unused material.
The storage life is 6 months.
CPU-69A:200/18 kg blue drum/can.
CPU-69B: 200/18 kg red drum/can.
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