Product Details
Polyurethane Potting Compound

28-31A Polyurethane Potting Compound

Item no.: CPU-42-BC30A, BC30D

  • Key features:
    - Halogen free
    - Flame retardant
    - Soft grade and can absorb vibration
    - Highly transparent sealing material
    - Good at blocking moisture
    - Great repairability
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Product Introduction

The polyurethane potting compounds (CPU-42-BC30A-A/B and CPU-42-BC30D-A/B) are transparent two-component materials for electrical device and housing. The polyurethane potting compounds can also be used to cast for other suitable products.
  1. Solvent-free (100% solid content)
  2. Great electrical characteristics
  3. Low initial viscosity after mixing (The performance is compared to solvent-free two component casting resin)
  4. The reaction of mixture starts at room temperature (The reaction is speeded up at higher temperature)
Technical Data
Item CPU-42-BC30A-A/B CPU-42-BC30D-A/B
Part A Part B Part A Part B
Composition Polyol Modified polyisocyanate Polyol Modified polyisocyanate
Appearance Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid
Density (g/cm3) 0.912 - 1.012 1.005 - 1.105 0.911 - 1.011 1.144 - 1.244
Viscosity (CPS/25℃) 550 - 910 280 - 440 570 - 930 20 - 180
Mixing ratio by weight 100 70 100 70
Final hardness at 25℃ (after 7 days) 31 Shore A 31 Shore A
Pot life (Viscosity increases to 50,000 cps) 35 - 45 min 70 - 80 min
Flame retardant grade judged by TPUCO
(sample size: 1.8mm)
UL-94-V2 UL-94-V0
Process method
  1. Well mix part A and part B at ratio 100:70 by weight.
  2. A- Heat the mixture in oven at 60℃ for 60 min to reach initial solidification, then keep heating at 80℃ for 30 min for curing and get the sample. Or B- Put the mixture at room temperature for 72 hours for curing.
  3. After the polyurethane potting compound is cured, test the sample.
1kg and 18 Kg
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