2024/06/17 TPUCO New Product - PU Wood Glue

Taiwan PU Corporation is excited to announce the release of our new product, TPUCO PU Wood Glue: APU-107-661G、APU-107-661G-1、APU-107-665H-2、APU-107-661F

Our PU Wood Glue can be widely used as wood-to-wood bonding in construction project and furniture-making.

What makes TPUCO PU Wood Glue different is VOC-free, eco-friendly, and forms strong adhesion on varied materials with outstanding water resistance ability.

By applying TPUCO PU Wood Glue in wood-to-wood bonding, construction project and furniture-making may achieve VOC-free, and eco-friendly, bonding.

PU Wood Glue is also known as PUR wood glue, solvent-free wood adhesive, moisture-curing wood adhesive, PUR wood adhesive, PUR adhesive for wood, wood glue, wood adhesive, woodworking glue, wood glue, for furniture, quick drying wood glue, wood glue for carpenters.

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